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Nau mai, haere mai!

Kei aku pūreirei, kei aku amotaketake o te motu, tēna koutou, katoa!




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Kia ora, my Lovelies!

x Nau mai ngā hua o te tau hou pākeha x

I hope you have had an amazing Christmas Holidays as we move into the New Year 2024 we have been swamped with so many kaupapa yet to start and of course come to fruition. As we move through the new year we would like to launch our Mahere-ā-Tau 2024. This year we have made our Mahere-ā-Tau available in both Te Reo Māori & English. We have a special commemoration for our Kaiako/Teachers, who go over and beyond to share their wealth of knowledge to our tamariki mokopuna. We appreciate you all. Special Thank you to my sister for her whakaaronui you are the best kaiako anyone could have x

Mahere-ā-Tau 2024


Te Papa Hou Rawa


Te Kohanga Flash Cards


Bringing Māori flavor to the creative scene

A way to spread a creative and colorful avenue of Māori culture and language, with fun kīwaha stickers, Stationery and more. 

Expression of personality through artistic values and mediums.

we make sure that every product is made with the highest expectation this business can offer if not more. Quality control is personally conducted by the control team and then sent for distribution. 


Environmentally friendly
We try to use taiao friendly products and/or recyclables, to embrace and encourage the turning of a new sustainable era.



Tawera & Josh

"Created a stunning tohu for Josh and his business, Poutama Brick and Blocklaying, exactly what we envisioned and you bought our vision to life"

Sarah Trinder

"Love each and every taonga i have bought from you and so do the kids"

Larrissa Cooper

"Very high standard of work was put into the planner, well spent"

Bau & Nicky 

"Amazing work. So far I’ve had four beautiful art pieces done which all turned out better than I’d anticipated"



Kōrero Creatives, brings to light the dreams and aspirations of anyone who wishes to walk their journey.

Kōrero, meaning to speak or a word used to express your truth without being unapologetically you, an encouraging way to say 'Be true to who you are'. With this being said, we encourage the expression of creativity. As they say 'Creativity is limitless'. 

Our tūpuna were creative and unapologetically them in every single way possible. A teaching we have learnt through generations, from the great migration, to the landing of our waka tūpuna, to today. Kōrero Creatives hopes to light that same creative flame our tūpuna had in each and every heart. 


"He puawai a'au nō ōku mātua tūpuna, 'e rau rengarenga o roto i te raukura, ko taku raukura e manawanui ki te ao!" 

My name is Bobby-Lee Waru-Lackner, I am the owner of Kōrero Creatives. 

Kōrero creatives started out as an ambition, to spread the positive outlook on learning te reo māori, through the creative lense. 

We value the indigenuity of our people, so it only felt right to follow my heart in the things I was most passionate about. Education, Creative Spaces and of course Te Reo Māori. All three values have shaped me into the person I am today. Education was never an option growing up with my grandparents. I just grew to love and appreciate it. Creative spaces connects me to my nan who was always meddling with something artsy and crafty, which filtered down to me and my sister. The need to develop my creative skills then turned from need to passion. Te Reo Māori was a constant in my household. The determination my grandparents had to learning it was admirable. From the generation who were strapped and stripped of this privileged, then became the generation to once again foster and share this taonga, with not only their children and grandchildren but with everyone.      

Kōrero Creatives hopes that our visons are seen throughout the country and world. With the design space in full bloom and the extensive amount of products ranging from stickers, cards, art prints and more, we hope to enhance the outlook on education, Creation and culture.

Our Design Space allows for our potential customers to express their desires through the custom services we provide.

Our range of products hope to enhance and fully immerse our tamariki, mokopuna and whānau in te ao māori! To learn a positive kīwaha or whakatauki that will 'hiki wairua'.Our puna auaha-creative spring will never run bare! Tukuna ki te ao!

Supported by my whānau.

Encouraged by my friends.

Guided by my loved ones, whom guide us from te ao wairua.

Inspired by my Mounga, Iwi and whenua. The essence of life.

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Nau Mai, e Hoa!

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